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Microfocus NetIQ

The NetIQ solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM) uses integrated identity information to create, modify, and delete identities and to control their access to the enterprise resources, cloud and mobile resources. Microfocus NetIQ provides identity management, access management, single sign-on (SSO) access control, identity tracking, privileged account management and Active Directory (AD) management. 

NetIQ Identity Manager

NetIQ Identity Manager is a comprehensive, yet cost-effective solution that lets you control company wide, which users can access on which data and systems - both within the company as well as in the cloud. Identity Manager allows companies to offer their users a safe and convenient access to critical information while ensuring their compliance. With detailed, dynamic reports you can prove this.

NetIQ Identity Manager simplifies identity management, can be easily implemented in heterogeneous IT environments and is compatible with existing applications and hardware. The IT department is spared time and cost consuming routine tasks.

microfocus NetIQ

NetIQ Identity Governance (formerly NetIQ Access Review)

NetIQ Identity Governance is the software suite for the periodic review (attestation) of the access rights of their users. This will ensure increased visibility for auditors / certifiers and compliance evidence can be provided easily. With NetIQ Identity Governance your are supporting the principle of minimal privilege assignment so that users have only the rights they actually need. NetIQ Identity Governance provides seamless integration with NetIQ Identity Manager, this allows automated Revoking of permissions.

NetIQ Access Manager

NetIQ Access Manager provides your company a simple and secure way, easy access to web-based applications and services on the Internet. Based on a identity federation NetIQ Access Manager allows your employees to authenticate and securely access applications and services from other companies or cloud-based services without having to log in again.

Access Manager also acts as an identity provider (source of user identity) for your external partners that provide cloud-based applications or services. So your company offers its clients seamless access to a variety of cloud-based applications - all without log in again. You can integrate cloud-based services in your websites or portals to offer customers a comprehensive and individual working environment.

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

Privileged Account Manager delivers privileged user control, tracking and auditing for all credential-based systems, including:

  • Applications (e.g. SAP System)
  • Databases (e.g. Microsoft SQL database, Oracle DBMS)
  • Cloud services (e.g.
  • Secure Keys (e.g. Office license keys)
  • UNIX, Linux and Windows platforms
  • Virtual servers (e.g. VMWare ESXi)

With Privileged Account Manager, you centrally define rules for allowing or denying user activity based on a combination of user name, typed command, host name and time (who, what, where and when).
By managing account privileges in this way, you can control what commands users are authorized to run, at what time, and from what location. And since all user activity is recorded, you can quickly identify suspicious activity and take immediate preventative action.


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