Omada is a leading provider of software solutions for identity management / user lifecycle management, particularly in the areas of IAM Identity and Access Management (automatic entitlement management) and IAG - Identity and Access Governance (Reporting and Auditing of permissions).

Fast changing market structures and increased competition require more and more process and organisational changes. Flexibility and agility are important factors for these changes. Our solution RoleGenius® is designed to support the creation and clean-up of complex roles. This enables you to master reorganisations securely, precisely and in record time.

You need a fast overview of all access rights and their relationship structure. You also want to discover data inconsistencies and security risks (for instance segregation of duty) – without having to buy or install software and occurring high costs. AuditGenius offers exactly these services.

Are you looking for a centralised Identity & Access management (IAM) solution providing workflow-based provisioning capabilities into most systems which is also cost-effective, scalable and offers fast installation at the same time? Are you concerned this can only be achieved through complex, lenghty and risky projects with high implementation and operating costs? That doesn`t have to be the case. Our solution "IdentityGenius® Connect offers your business a fast start into IAM!

The NetIQ solution for Identity and Access Management (IAM) uses integrated identity information to create, modify, and delete identities and to control their access to the enterprise resources, cloud and mobile resources. Microfocus NetIQ provides identity management, access management, single sign-on (SSO) access control, identity tracking, privileged account management and Active Directory (AD) management. 

Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) in 2016 is the latest version of the Microsoft product suite for identity and access management and replaces Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) 2010 R2. MIM provides identity data management and synchronization, authentication and authorization workflow and self-service identity management features for end users-, group-, credential-management and certificate's administration.

The Ping Identity platform includes a powerful set of products and features that work together perfectly to provide a seamless, integrated and secure access to all applications. Core capabilities are single sign on, access management, multi-factor authentication and federated identity managment.

WiB Solutions uses biometric hand vein scanner solutions as one method for identification and authentication. Contactless, using infrared light the scanner recognises the intricate hand vein pattern under the skin on the inside of the palm.

This method offers higher security than other biometric options; a fingerprint authentication method for instance could leave traces of the fingerprint on the reader.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management manages from the access rights to both SAP applications and all other systems, instances and applications of a heterogeneous IT environment from a central location. Application accesses can be controlled reliable and efficient beyond you will comply with legal requirements.

8MAN is one of the leading solutions for Access Rights Management (ARM) in Microsoft and virtual server environments and protects your organisation against unauthorised access to sensitive data.

Requirements for internal control systems, compliance and data protection have increased, with regulations demanding complete traceability of user rights and periodical access controls.
IdentityGenius® Compliance is the secure, cost-effective and straightforward solution for these requirements.

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