GDPR is a very hot topic right now, but what does the shortcut GDPR stand for, what does GDPR contain and is your company affected by it? Why do companies have to fear fines of up to 20 million Euro if they don`t comply with GDPR guidelines?

The GRC disciplines governance, risk management and compliance are important steering instruments for running a business. They include compliance with internal and external requirements, relates to various components (for example, strategy, process, technology) and may have different objectives to follow (for example, increased efficiency and effectiveness). Let us advise you!

The increased use of cloud computing, mobile applications and social media, as well as increased security requirements ensure an ever-increasing need for Single Sign On solutions. The multitude of identities and passwords in business provide increasingly for enhanced security risks and generate costs. 

In the past conventional Identity & Access Management has been regarded mainly as an intra-corporate infrastructure topic. However, new trends that go hand in hand with digitilisation such as the Internet of Things, Social Media or Industry 4.0 change the need for Identity & Access Management.

WiB Solutions offers customers an experienced Chief Information Security Officer, who is responsible for all issues related to information security. Depending on the customer`s industry, company size and needs tasks can vary. Our offer enables you to utilise a customised Security Officer function as an outsourced service.

With the introduction of RBAC for a cost-effective and simpler administration of users and their rights is achieved. However, much more important is the clear allocation of roles regarding compliance requirements such as segregation of duties (SoD) or entitlement certifications. For automatic provisioning in an IAM system roll formation after RBAC is imperative. It is central that we see the elaboration of RBAC-based role model as a guarantee of an efficient identity and access management system. 

Through our expertise and experience we integrate your IT security solution in a jiffy. Whether it is Identity & Access Management, Single Sign On or firewall integration - we assure the timely and functional implementation of your IT security solutions.

WiB Solutions has always placed focus on Identity and Access Management (IAM), access and role concepts (RBAC) security strategies and architectures. Ensuring a good overview and the efficiency of global operations is both complex and costly. Thus the individual basic concepts should be thought through well. WiB Solutions AG is specialized in identity and access management (IAM), IT security solutions for companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

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