We are an independent service provider of business informatics solutions. We cater to the requirements of IT tall users, in particular the authorities, banks and insurance companies in Switzerland and Germany. 

Content clients and partners

Long-term client and partner relationships are based on trust and excellent results. Because success is plannable, we ensure that:

  • We speak the same language as our clients and partners
  • We address issues and define solutions
  • We seek challenges and foster dialogues with our clients
  • We work with innovative and competent partners
  • We also offer our projects and solutions at fixed prices

Motivated employees

Committed co-workers with the necessary know-how and skills are the heart of our company and the foundation for our success:
  • We foster teamwork
  • We encourage further vocational training
  • We promote individual strengths and talents
  • We promote personal responsibility
  • We place great trust in our co-workers
  • We offer them performance-based remuneration

Great market demands

The market demands for high quality solutions, products and services that offer added values:

  • We take on these challanges
  • We apply procedures, methods and techniques that are state-of-the-art
  • We implement intelligent solutions and new technologies
  • We continuously revise work done
  • We apply WiB-specific modular methods and thus ensure quality
  • We communicate openly and effectively
  • We innovate and work in a goal-oriented manner
  • We strive to achieve sustainable customer benefits

Various models are published on the web but many are simply empty phrases of no value and only rarely are specific company requirements taken into account. We strive to live our values on a daily basis and regularly upon our work, ourselves, and WiB Solutions.



Our Partners

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